Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Why Boys Come From Jupiter

I would normally post this on my other blog, but this is too good of a story not to share. Growing up we used to say, "Boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider. Girls go to Mars to get candy bars." Not the most creative or painful insult in the world, but we thought it was. The other day, Princess (or my young ward, take your pick. She is not my biological child.) was talking about what people from other planets might look like. She is in that stage of unanswerable, ridiculous and annoying questions, "What would we do if hair grew from our backs and it was purple? What if horses rode on our backs? What if we thought cats screeching was music (after we heard some cats mating one day)? What would happen if we ate dog food and dogs ate our food? Don't you wish we could live on a cloud?" and so on and on and on. She liked the idea of people from Jupiter so much she decided to draw a picture of what they would look like. She called them, "Juperpeans" even though I thought they should be called, "Jupiterlings," but what do I know? Turns out that people from Jupiter have their arms and legs in all the wrong places, and their butts and heads are reversed. Lucky for me she labeled the parts because at first I thought she had drawn something way beyond her years or knowledge. Between the legs (I think they are legs anyway) were some... things hanging; big and long things. I'm no virgin so they looked suspiciously like testicles and I would have assumed they were if she had not labeled them for me as a butt. I enjoy that drawing so much I am going to keep it for her to see when she is old enough to see what that butt really looks like, but until then I am enjoying telling people that boys really are from Jupiter and I have proof. Of course I don't say this in front of her. I'm not ready for her to understand yet.



Oh dear,I think I must have seen some Jupitereans in a modern art gallery once.
At least I'm pretty sure that the artist swapped the head and butt. It was very odd.


"I'm no virgin"

Hehe...I have NO IDEA why that line made me laugh so hard! I guess it may be the assumption your readers (including me) may have "thought" you remained a virgin!!! Sigh...


Linda D. in Seattle