Saturday, February 23, 2008

Last Will And Testament

I, Blindbeard, being of unsound mind and infirm body do wish to dispose of what meager property I have to the following parties:

My ridiculous cane collection to the nursing home my mother works at. They could use a little humor in their lives.

My empty toilet paper rolls to my sister so she can add them to her collection by the trash can in her bathroom.

I want to pass the torch of talking about this stupid disease with humor and honesty to Braincheese (whose comment about the plague amused me too much--I think I have it too) and the author of MultipleSclerosisSucks. Keep up the good work of telling it like it is without a sugar coating or "its such a gift!" attitude.

My rotten body to whatever MS research clinic would have a use for it. Hopefully the study of my scarred spinal cord and defective, crazy and abnormal brain will help others. If not throw my body to the pigs.

At this time I can think of nothing else of worth to pass on. But if I survive this hideous bout of flu/plague I will be back and may render this null and void.

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Holy crap! It sounds like I am spreading a computer virus...argh argh. HOOOooo...must still be delirious to tell a cheap joke like that. Oh well...been accused of worse.

Linda D. in Seattle