Tuesday, March 30, 2010

This Is Gonna Be GREAT!

Or GR8 if you are a texting kind of person, which I am not. It takes me forever to text the most basic things, like LOL and WTF or even BRB. My little sister's phone is a high tech thing that I can't figure out. One day she and I were getting ready to go pick up Princess from school and do some shopping. The winds had been blowing very hard and the snow had drifted over our driveway. I thought we should dig out a path before we left but Sugarbowl thought I should just gun it and I would go right through the big drift. I gunned it against my better judgement and got high centered in the drift. Sugarbowl got out to dig me out and gave me her phone to text Princess and tell her to walk (she claims she told me to tell her to wait, but that is not what I heard or remember). Her phone was set to that T9 crap and I couldn't get "walk" texted in. I sent Princess 3 texts of "www" before I finally got "walk" figured out. I wanted her to have some websites to check out until we were able to get to her.

Anyhoo, Sugarbowl and Princess got their own apartment due to our recent HUGE fights that annihilated all good feelings between us. Sugarbowl, who is very Borderline Personality, has never been able to keep it all together when on her own. Her part of the rent was $375 here and she never could help with any of the other bills, so I carried it all. Now her rent is $595 and she has to pay all her utilities on her own. Also, moving from a house to an apartment is an almost impossible thing unless you want to use a shoe horn to get everything in. Right now she has not gotten all her crap into her apartment and will not try until I move and she has to take all her crap or lose it. She has such raging hoarding problems that I know she won't be able to part with her crap, so I have made some predictions about how this is all going to play out.

1. She is not going to pay all her utilities. She will make rent because she has to, but everything else will pile up until they are left with no lights or hot water while I enjoy my electricity and hot showers. Maybe I should buy them some candles as a house warming gift... or sit back and enjoy the show.

2. Her apartment is going to be a PIG STY! Right now they are dying to prove me wrong and when I stopped over the other day, they had made their beds! I have never seen her make her bed before and right now they are motivated by their desire to prove me wrong, but I will die of shock if they actually do prove me wrong on this one. I couldn't get her to help out around here and her room was such a disgusting mess it gave me the fidgets to see it. She bought a bunch of cleaning supplies and flipped me off when I asked her if that was the first time she had ever bought such things.

3. I give her 6 months before the whole thing falls apart. She is in a 6 month lease, but I don't think she will be able to foot all the bills much longer than that. What makes me the most mad is that I am still looking to buy a house and -- Dagnabbit! -- I am trying to find one big enough to accommodate us all if/when they need me. It makes me mad that I am doing it, but I know she is going to need a safety net and I will never turn my back on my family, regardless of what 2 bit whores they can be.

Right now my house is clean, quiet and rearranged the way I want it. One of my old foster kids is moving in with me because she wants to go to school here and I want the acorn to come back to the oak tree. I'm play all nice and contrite to Sugarbowl right now to keep the peace, but I am looking forward to being able to do as I want with my life, getting it set up the way I want, and sitting back and watching the bodies hit the floor. If she ever needs me, I will be here with my life the way I want it and will be able to have some control over the situation. I have all these great plans for things if she needs me... but until then, I am going to revel in my clean house. Too bad I can't do cartwheels anymore. I would be doing them all over the house.


Webster said...

Well, I'm sorry it had to come to this, but you probably knew it was inevitable. In the meanwhile, enjoy your peaceful home, and your new/old roommate, and the silence which is good for the soul.

You're right, this too shall pass - and much too soon, but that's no reason to milk it for all it's worth.

Sarah said...

Oh, I'm so sorry. That's a mess. I hoping for the best.