Sunday, March 21, 2010

All Are Guilty

I have not been blogging because so much is going on in my house and all of it is ugly. But because, as one person said to me, a blog is a place to be honest and expose your heart and soul, I am going to give an as honest and impartial run down as I can of all the crap that is floating in a big black cloud over my house.

My little sister and I have been having a lot of problems since about right after Christmas. If you have never dealt with someone with Borderline Personality Disorder, you are VERY lucky. It is a constant challenge. You need a thick skin and the capacity to forgive after they go into a rage and say the most horrible and (potentially) damaging things to you. I am slow to anger and quick to forgive, which is probably why she and I have remained friends throughout our lives and why I am not worried about us being friends again someday. No matter what she says to me, I NEVER allow myself to go certain places, even if she does. They will take anything you say, give it a different meaning than what you intended and get mad about it. Even after I say that that was not how I meant that phrase, she will still argue the whole thing based on how she perceived it, not on what I really was saying. I am no Job, so sometimes I do get tired of it and lose my patience with her. People have their limits and she can really push me past mine.

She has not been taking her meds for quite awhile because she has never been good about remembering to take pills and she thinks she has been doing really good without them. I think she needs to take her meds no matter how "good" she thinks she is doing without them. There is no room to breathe around her without them. Everything you say can and will be held against you and given different meanings than what you actually said. Honestly, I have not been taking the high road and have been dealing with her in the same way she deals with us. I remember what my ex husband said after they had their first huge blow out fight, he said that he had been biting his tongue long enough and is tired of it. Those words keep going around and around in my head like a broken record. She will tell you that he is an ass hole and that is why they got into that fight, but the truth is a little different than that. It was shortly after I was diagnosed and she and I were planning a trip to go see my dad in AZ. I started having an attack and was going to have to go do the steroids again. She was upset that my attack was putting off our trip and came over to my house to ask me when I would be better, when we could go on our trip, would I be ready next week? Would I feel better in the very near future? Was I going to be able to watch her kids while she was working? Were we ever going to be able to take that trip? I didn't have any fight in me; I was still reeling from my diagnosis and not exactly thrilled that I was having another attack just a few months after my last one. My ex said that I just sat there and took her anger, which I did. He lost his patience -- he cannot tolerate anyone saying or doing anything negative to me -- and told her to back the f*ck off and leave me alone. The whole thing escalated into a MASSIVE fight and the rest of that story is not pretty and not worth telling.

I tried to keep the peace around here but got tired of it and started giving it back the same way she was giving it to us. It all started over a sandwich. I had made grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup for dinner. Princess had a friend over and they were all playing games. I was tired of frozen foods and wanted to make something a little healthier for everyone, so I let them play their games and made dinner. Sugarbowl didn't like the bread I used for the sandwiches and kept making fun of the bread, saying how dry the crust was and so on. It irritated me because I was trying to make them something a little better than what I make when I am too tired to make a decent meal. So I took what was left of her sandwich off her plate and threw it to the dogs. She went into orbit and went off into a tirade that was embarrassing to Princess and I because Princess had a friend over. When I took her friend home, I told her that I was sorry that she had to see that, but sadly, that was not as bad as it usually is. Princess said, "that was actually really good for her. She usually is worse." And I couldn't disagree.

I try and protect Princess from her anger as much as I can. When she goes off on her, I try to get her to turn it onto me. Sometimes she fills me with so much hate I start thinking some extremely negative things about her and wish things that I don't really want to come true once my anger cools.

This post has gotten too long, but I needed to set the stage of how she is before I can tell the saga of our latest problems. I will post Part II later. Until next time, thank your lucky stars or whatever you thank, that you do not have to deal with some one who is Borderline.

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Colleen O'Shea said...

Siblings can be way more hurtful than anyone else - betraying friends, lovers, husbands... Sometimes we all get this ME ME ME mentality that can't be easily shaken. Keep calm and remember some day you'll be able to laugh about it. Or NOT!!! LOL!