Monday, February 1, 2010

In My Defense

I got this comment the other day in reference to my blog post http://

Why do you need to be so critical, how about instead of venting your story off to the rest of the world you remember your own puberty and realize that she just might be embarrassed or scared? How about you try to make her feel better instead of making up a dumb story of how you're going to kill her. Guess what, every other mother has to deal with these issues and you can read that from other parent blogs or watch it on sitcoms. So get over it! Plus, if your daughter wants to play cash cab trivia, maybe you should just go along with it and then stump her. You sound like my mother: critical all the time, doesn't seem to care, and has no sense of humor other than negative sarcasm. I know she really does care, but would you want to be close to someone so cold? And about the bathroom issue, I assume not caring as much develops with age, but for the mean time, wouldn’t you rather they were embarrassed instead of flaunting their goodies to gods know who? Nonetheless, unless you are like the last commenter, trying to vent some steam, to read such negativity from someone who seems to be so negative and trying to prove she is so much better than two children and a bunch of teenagers. I’m sure if your daughter read this when she is older, she would feel bad and be embarrassed for being so ignorant. But you're the mother and if you weren't thinking about how witless youth can be, I'm not sure what you could have been planning for. Aside from that, your writing is quite superb. I don't know what you do for a living, but you can beyond any doubt be some kind of writer.


I pondered this comment for almost 3.26 minutes last night, reread that post this morning and am now ready to add a little information that might make things more clear. I'm not Princess's mother; I am her aunt. I agree with the whole respecting-her-right-to-guard-her-goodies-like-they-are-precious-metals. In fact, we are very careful about her in the bathroom. We knock and let her know we need to come in so she has plenty of time to wrap herself head to toe in a towel.

It may sound like I am being cold and critical, but I am not. Or I am not trying to be at least. I still kiss on her and hug her throughout the day. I always tell her that I love her, have a good day at school and to not stop being adorable each morning when I drop her off at school. The problem is her teenager attitude. She is snarky, stubborn, quick to point out anything anyone says or does wrong, and 100% committed to her belief that what's mine is hers and what hers is hers, and gods help you if you touch anything of hers. A perfect example: she took my pit juice to school and "forgot" it, yet still popped a vein when she saw me using some of her old pit juice that she doesn't even want. I had to wear a pair of her socks the other day and she bitched and moaned about it until I really did want to chop her into bits and stuff her into the walls. She wears my socks and when she gets home from school, takes off her shoes and walks around in just my socks for the rest of the day, leaving them nasty and forever stained. She needed new brassieres but wanted me to go get a bunch for her to try on at her leisure here and then I return the ones that didn't work and get her more of the ones that did. She was mad that she had to go with me and try them on. She wouldn't talk to me the whole way to the store and when we were done she said, "that wasn't so bad." Last night she told me that she doesn't want anymore vampire shirts -- she is on a huge Twilight kick -- and to get her some werewolf shirts. Aye aye, Captain Craphead, let me get on that for you. She hates having to load the dishwasher so she loads it so nothing gets clean and when I showed her how to load it so things do get clean, she said that if we didn't like the way she does chores we shouldn't have her do them and just do them ourselves, to which we got a good laugh out of and she still has to load the dishwasher. Now she just has to do it again if she deliberately does it wrong.

When she starts up with an attitude that is going to get her into a lot of trouble, I give her a warning and let her try again before I lose my patience. Most days she will take the warning, other days... not so much. I do remember how it is to have your hormones all messed up and try to be patient and understanding about it, but some days she pushes me until I snap, and then, yes, I do think a quiet cell on death row would be nice. Lastly, she reads my blog posts and knows what I write so it is no surprise to her what is on here.

On a positive note about kids, we were playing Apples To Apples the other day and were reading out loud the cards that we had in our hands still when the game was done. Jabber's first card was "Ever glads," which amused us and Princess, in a rare moment of kindness for her brother, told him it was Everglades. His next card was "Canned Indians," which stumped us because we weren't sure what that could possibly mean. It was Canadians, but now we like to say, "Do you have Indians in a can? You do?! Well, you better let the poor guys out!" He also just had a conquer sore in his mouth. I hate those conquer sores; they hurt! Princess used to say that cracktice made perfect and called Jacuzzis, shaboozies. I miss those good ol' days when she was obsessed with Disney princesses and so sweet and funny. Some days I still see a glimpse of that, and I like those days.


Jen said...

*Piss on you, Anonymous.

Anyway, get the f*ck back to FB and post your response to the book, Craphead, before we introduce a new one (you know I love you, ya big kook.)


Webster said...

I find it interesting that the critical comments are always made by people named 'anonymous'.

That was a pretty good rebuttal after only 3.26 minutes. Were you Captain of Debate Team?

Janine said...

Any one who survives a child who lives with them's teen age years deserves a medal. I am sure my son thought, and still occasionally thinks at 18.8 years, that his parents are the stupidest humans on earth. We recently declined to fund a trip to Europe-I laughed so hard, he almost hung up on me.
We love em, probably wouldn't hurt em, and look forward to the fine young adults (fingers crossed) we hope they will become. Hang in there!