Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ode To Psychotropic Drugs

I can't help myself; all these Scientology videos that are making the rounds have my attention right now. I am all for letting people believe what they want and doing what they want (as long as they are consenting adults and not hurting anyone else) but I have a BIG problem with people telling me, or others, what we should or should not be doing. I especially have a problem with others campaigning against something that they do not have all the facts about. Without my psychotropic drugs I would not function, period, end of story. And I have no shame in taking them and telling others about it. I take a very high dose of these meds and I am no "zombie." If I did not have these meds I would not be able to live any kind of life. My depression is severe and all encompassing and I am not ashamed to talk about it. It is life and trying to hide it helps no one. But to try to take these away from me (or others) and tell me that they are "mind controlling" makes me so angry that if I could address those that say so, there would be no doubt that I am not brainwashed or a zombie of any kind. I would love to have these people walk a mile in my shoes and then tell me what I should be doing. All the auditing, vitamins and exercise in the world would be of no use to me without these meds. They serve a purpose and it is not to gain mind control over people. They are there so that we that suffer from depression can get out of bed and get back to life. Live your life the way you want, but do not tell me how to live mine. Okay, I am going to put away my soapbox now, I just had to get this off my chest.


Tricia said...

Good for you! :) I agree 100% - my husband is on some psychotropic drugs himself and without them I may not be able to keep living with him! I LOVE those drugs. He also has MS and will have his first Tysabri injection on Wednesday - we spent the last month fighting tooth and nail to make this happen - the red tape was a nightmare - but thank GOD it's finally scheduled. I hope he has the same kind of positive experience you have had with it.

Anonymous said...

right on. you tell tom cruise where to get off.