Thursday, May 29, 2008

Who Needs Martha Stewart When You Have MS?

I didn't go to the MS walk this year. I had several very good reasons why I skipped it: 1. Every time I go I get annoyed and/or frustrated by the people who push past rudely to get to the free stuff or don't move an inch when you say, "Excuse me." I'm glad people want to support MS stuff, but if they are there to help a good cause, why are they so rude to those of us suffering from the reason for the walk? I get irritated fighting the crowd and jostling for a chance to go to a booth. B. Last year when I went, I saw 2 ladies that the year before were doing well, but that year one had a trach because she needed the direst oxygen due to a really bad attack, and the other was in a wheelchair and very confused -- unable to follow a basic conversation. This scares me and saddens me very much. Quatro: I do not need anymore MS stuff.

When I was first diagnosed I wore MS shirts all the time so people would know why I was gimping around and burying my face into everything to be able to see it. Now, almost 3.5 years later, I no longer feel the need to tell anyone anything. I am sick to death of all this MS crap I have everywhere. I hate having people come to my house and feel like they entered a quarantined sick person's house. I am trying to put MS second in my life and not let it define me, but it is a stubborn second fiddle that wants to intrude in every facet of my life. I am trying to get away from decorating my house in MS decor, but the free stuff you get from everything makes it hard. I have, in no particular order, a gaggle of MS T-shirts that we now use mainly for sleep shirts. I say "we" because my little sister, Princess and I all wear them and could probably wear them every night for a week and still have clean ones left. I have an MSAA mouse pad that I don't use, I prefer my Spongebob one. I get 2 calendars every year, from NMSS and MSAA and I get very irritable by all the inspiring quotes on them. So much so that they are relegated to areas that I don't have to see them too much. I get the planners every year, the ones where you can track all your symptoms and problems on, which I don't use too often, I prefer a plain notebook. I have a Copaxone and Avonex carry bags that could be handy for travel to stuff books into. I have Copaxone plastic meds containers that I keep colored pencils in. I ditched the 7 day supply one, it was too small to be of use for me. I have about 50 styrofoam coolers that my meds were delivered in that my husband uses for his camping trips and which we give to anyone who needs a cheap cooler that no one cares what happens to. In my freezer are countless gel packs, some even have Copaxone emblazoned on them, which come in handy whenever a kid hurts their mouth. I have Rebif and Copaxone sticky notes that have taken over my life. No matter how many sticky messages I leave, they seem to multiply like cockroaches when no one is looking. I have pens for every DMD and MS society you can think of, some with thick places that you hold on to for shaky hands. I have a Betaseron first aid kit with a handy rope to wear around my neck, which will never happen in this life. I even have a Rebif mini fan with a cord to keep it around my neck and handy at all times. I wouldn't mind using this, but my nieces and nephews love it so much I hardly ever see it. I have plastic cups and mugs that scream about MS and I only use when all else is dirty. I have an Avonex water jug that could hold half the Platte if need be. Somewhere is a Copaxone Walkman with earphones that I have never used. I have an insulated Copaxone water bottle that I use in the back yard when in the pool. I have Rebif sunscreen and Copaxone chapstick. I have magnets, magnets, magnets, with the major DMD companies' numbers on them and ones to the special pharmacy for my special meds because I am special, and I mean that in an I-should-be-wearing-a-helmet kind of way. I would love to be classy and decorate my house in Martha Stewart, but I have a different theme in my house: Multiple Sclerosis. At least they are both MS but one is sold at K-Mart.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'm Baaaaaaack!

Did you miss me? Because I missed you, yes every last one of you. Your beautiful smile, lovely eyes, gentle touch... oh wait, wrong website. I mean, I never go to websites like that! I am an upstanding person of strong values who would never soil my pure mind with such fabulous trash as that. Speaking of such, I ran into a profile on myspace that went on and on about how the Bible is their favorite book and they were looking for someone of similar values yet he was a swinger. Now I am not sure exactly how that all works, but I am pretty sure the Bible does not condone swinging. I haven't read the Bible for a few years (yes, I have read the whole Bible several times) but from what I remember, swingers seems to be the opposite of what the Bible is about. But I have been wrong before. There is nothing I love more than hypocrisy and irony, they are the bread and butter of my sorry life, so to not make a comment of some of this stuff is really hard for me. My little sister said I need to make a profile for myself that I can use just to comment of these types of things. I even have a great name picked out, "Butt Plug." It has such a nice ring to it. So if you get some snarky comments from a Butt Plug, that would be me. But if you do not try to portray yourself as holier-than-thou while having things that do not add up with that attitude, you will be safe from my venom.

Yesterday was my Barfday; I turned 34. That is no secret, which is a good thing because if it was it would be the worst kept secret in Nebraska. All day yesterday, everywhere we went, Princess went on and on about how it was my birthday and she could not believe I was 34. Wow, 34! Isn't it crazy that I am now 34?! That makes me almost 3.5 times older than her. How does it feel to be 34? I am getting so old (to a 10 year old). Who could believe that I can be 34 and not need an oxygen tank, walker, and a special chair that dumps my ass out of it for me? Personally, I have not found my 30's to be that bad and I do not think 30's is old, but what do I know? I need a Boy Scout to help my ancient arse across the street now. Other than that nothing new to report here. We are up to our eyeballs in boxes and frankly, my dears, I am sick to death of unpacking all my junk. My little sister said the next time she moves she is only taking a change of clothes and a toothbrush... or maybe just buy the toothbrush later. I have to agree with that. You never realize how much crap you have amassed until you have to move it all, especially when you move into a smaller house. So there is the Blindbeard/Butt Plug update. Its great to be back and I need to get to your blogs and see how you are doing. Hopefully better than me in my messy house and one-foot-in-the-grave-and-the-other-on-a-banana-peel self.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Forced Vaycay

Due to my recent move back to my home town, I do not have internet in my new home yet. I will be getting it on the 22nd, so until then try to amuse yourself. I have no worries about lack of amusements, there are plenty of fabulous sources of entertainment on here. I will be back on the 22nd, until then, don't you stop being adorable!